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ipo gray market premium

As we know that there were a lot of companies are introducing their values in the market, however, if we are talking about Gray Market Premium then this is all about Unofficial things that stockbrokers or investors are doing. This means the GMP aka Upcoming IPO GMP is calculated based on how many companies and stocks are in demand for the upcoming IPO. People are investing their amount based on premium but the market is not in our hands, so that varies from what you are expecting.

Basically, here is the list of all the Gray Market Premium details along with the latest IPO which you are looking for, please go with cautions, as this is the estimated price of the market, however, it may change as per the market rolls.

Upcoming IPO Gray Market Premium

IPO NameGMPKostakSubject
Med Plus 260
Anand Rathi Wealth₹50₹-₹-
DATA Pro ₹515
Shriram Properties₹10₹-₹-
Metro Brands₹25₹-₹-
Data Patterns₹580₹500₹10000
HP Adhesives₹-₹-₹-
Supriya Lifescience₹250₹-₹-
Adani Wilmar₹140₹-₹-
ESDS Software₹-₹-₹-
Skanray Technologies₹-₹-₹-
Ruchi Soya₹-₹-₹-

So above is the grey market premium for the upcoming IPO, and let’s check how we can check the price, so basically if the rate is 200Rs and IPO price is 400 around then the estimation of the listing price will be like 600, that’s the simple logic.

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As we know that this is the estimated price for the gray market because every coin has two sides and similar things have to be there in the market known as Bull and Bear, so the final price depends on bull/bear along with the company’s demand by shares. Today, everyone is applying for IPO by just watching the Gray Market Premium online, however, this logic is totally wrong, because you must have research for the same. Meanwhile, do not apply or trade-in stock market based on the only price of GMP.

The Points to be considered on IPO GMP:

  • The GMP is always be based on trust because it is not an official thing.
  • You must have to connect with your Financial Assitant before applying for any stock market shares or IPO.
  • The current Gray Market Premium you are seeing is based on the market experts and news, but this is not perfect.
  • As we are not recommended for gray market premium, we are not in your profit or loss.
  • We just suggest you go with companies along with fundamental analysis to invest in the stock market or shares.

Grey Market Premium of IPO’s:

IPO NamePriceGMPListed
Med Plus Gray Market Premium ₹780 ₹270
Data Pro Gray Market Premium ₹515
Tega Industries Gray Market Premium₹453₹300₹760
Star Health Gray Market Premium ₹900-₹50₹845
Go Fashion Gray Market Premium ₹690₹450₹1310
Tarsons Products Gray Market Premium ₹662₹180₹682
LatentView Analytics Gray Market Premium ₹197₹300₹512
Sapphire Foods Gray Market Premium ₹1150₹150₹1350
Paytm Gray Market Premium ₹2150₹30₹1950
Sigachi Industries Gray Market Premium ₹163₹230₹570
SJS Enterprises Gray Market Premium ₹542₹60₹542
Policybazaar Gray Market Premium ₹980₹150₹1150
Nykaa Gray Market Premium ₹1125₹750₹2018
Aditya Birla AMC Gray Market Premium ₹712₹25₹715
Paras Defence Gray Market Premium ₹175₹220₹469
Sansera Engineering Gray Market Premium ₹744₹65₹811
Vijaya Diagnostic Gray Market Premium ₹531₹0₹540
Ami Organics Gray Market Premium ₹610₹150₹910
Aptus Value Housing Gray Market Premium ₹353₹0₹333
Chemplast Sanmar Gray Market Premium ₹541₹0₹550
Nuvoco Vistas Gray Market Premium ₹570₹0₹485
CarTrade Gray Market Premium ₹1618₹150₹1505
Windlas Biotech Gray Market Premium ₹460₹85₹437
Devyani International Gray Market Premium ₹90₹55₹141
Exxaro Tiles Gray Market Premium ₹120₹15₹126
Krsnaa Diagnostics Gray Market Premium ₹954₹320₹1005
Rolex Rings Gray Market Premium ₹900₹450₹1250
Glenmark Life Sciences Gray Market Premium ₹720₹90₹750
Tatva Chintan Pharma Gray Market Premium ₹1083₹1100₹2111
Zomato Gray Market Premium ₹76₹25₹126
GR Infraprojects Gray Market Premium ₹837₹560₹1716
Clean Science Gray Market Premium ₹900₹620₹1784
India Pesticides Gray Market Premium ₹296₹65₹350
Dodla Dairy Gray Market Premium ₹428₹95₹550
KIMS Hospital Gray Market Premium ₹825₹110₹1009
Shyam Metalics Gray Market Premium ₹306₹135₹380
Sona BLW Precision Gray Market Premium ₹291₹5₹301
Lodha Developers Gray Market Premium ₹486₹0₹436
Barbeque Nation Gray Market Premium ₹500₹0₹482
Suryoday Small Bank Gray Market Premium ₹305₹0₹293
Kalyan Jewellers Gray Market Premium ₹87₹0₹74
Anupam Rasayan Gray Market Premium ₹555₹70₹520
Laxmi Organic Gray Market Premium ₹130₹45₹155
Craftsman Automation Gray Market Premium ₹1490₹32₹1359
Nazara Technologies Gray Market Premium ₹1101₹700₹1990
Easy Trip Planners Gray Market Premium ₹187₹140₹212
MTAR Technologies Gray Market Premium ₹575₹500₹1050
Heranba Industries Gray Market Premium ₹627₹270₹900
Nureca Limited Gray Market Premium ₹400₹80₹615
Brookfield India REIT Gray Market Premium ₹275₹0₹281
Stove Kraft Gray Market Premium ₹385₹65₹298
Home First Finance Gray Market Premium ₹518₹150₹618
Indigo Paints Gray Market Premium ₹1490₹900₹2607
RailTel Gray Market Premium ₹94₹15₹109
IRFC Gray Market Premium ₹26₹0.50₹25
Antony Waste Gray Market Premium ₹315₹105₹436

FAQ of IPO Grey Market | Upcoming IPO Gray Market Premium

What is Grey Market Premium?

Actually, the GMP known as Grey Market Premium is the estimation of the price followed by the market when the IPO is listed. This is an illegal activity, but a lot of people are depending on that to buy IPO online. The GMP price is decided before the IPO is listed on BSE and NSE. The GMP is like when the IPO price is 200 rs and GMP price is 50, then people are making their decision like the price will be 250 on listing dates. but this is not fact, it depends on the sector, company, market trends, and more. Hence, we are not liable for your profit and loss on any stock market activity, here we just sharing our views and information.

Brief About Kostak Rate?

The Kostak rate is known as subject to Sauda, as this implies the things like if you are applying the IPO and got it, then you have to sell that IPO to the third party for fixed rates, for eg, if you have applied for the IPO, and the buyer wants to buy IPO from you then, they will offer the fixed price to you like 1k, 2k,3k as per the market price, if you agree then you can sell your IPO to the third party before listing and you will gain the profit of decided price, whether IPO Listing rates are positive or negative. If the deal is done for 50% along with a fixed price, then the buyer also needs to pay 50% of the amount from profit when they make a profit on the listing date.

Brief About Subject to Sauda

Subject to Sauda will come in picture after getting allotment of IPO, as those who are getting IPO, they can sell their IPO to someone by fix price, the buyer will give you a fixed price and they will take your IPO, now he/she is liable for the IPO profit or loss on listing date. For Eg. if you have gotten the IPO allotment for the total price of 15000 Rs, then you can sell this whole IPO to someone before listing on the price of 17000 Rs, so you will get 3000 Rs profit before listings.

Calculate Grey Market Premium.

The simple calculations of the Gery Market Premium are IPO Rate + GMP Price = Final Price.

Safety of Gray Market Premium and Sauda

As we told that Gray market premium is unofficial things and illegal activity, so we are not recommending you to do the same, however, if you still want to go with it, then you can do an analysis of the companies along with the fundamental possibility to invest in it.

How to sell and buy Gary Market Premium

You need to contact your stockbroker or people who are associated with this stock market business, however, this thing is unofficial so, no one is there is a market to say I’m or I will or I can do.

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