Route Mobile Buyback 2022 Date, Record Date, Price and Acceptance Ratio


Root Mobile Buyback 2022 have to open [.], Root Mobile Buyback record date is [.], To be eligible for the buyback, the investor must purchase Root Mobile shares before the record date. Check out Route Mobile Buyback 2022 details below:

Comment: Corporate action-report of the Route Mobile buyback meeting date is Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

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Root Mobile Buyback 2022 Dates

Buyback meeting date: June 28, 2022
Buyback Announcement Date: June 28, 2022
Buyback Record Date: [.]
Buyback Open Date: [.]
Buyback closing date: [.]
Finalizing Buyback Acceptance: [.]

Root Mobile Buyback 2022 Offer Details

Root Mobile Buyback [.] common share At the expense of [.] per equity share, Buyback offer should not exceed [.] Ten million of the total buyback offer size.

Offer Amount: [.] Ten million
number of shares: [.] common share
Face value: ₹10 per equity share
Buyback Price: [.] per equity share
Listing: BSE and NSE
Buyback Type: [.]
letter of Offer: click here

About Company – Root Mobile

Root Mobile Limited was established in 2004. Root Mobile is a leading Cloud Communications Platform service provider. The company offers the communication platform as a service (CPaaS) solution. They cater to enterprises, over-the-top (OTT) players and mobile network operators (MNOs) and their portfolio includes solutions in messaging, voice, email, SMS filtering, analytics and monetization. The company delivers a complete communication product stack based on CPaaS principles, delivering conversational AI across a wide range of industries, including social media companies, banks and financial institutions, e-commerce entities and travel aggregators. Root Mobile is headquartered in Mumbai, India, with a global presence in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Route Mobile Buyback 2022 Acceptance Ratio

Investor should shop around [.] . shares at the current market price of[.] (In form of [.]) Calculation will be ₹2,00,000 / ₹650 buyback value = 307 shares.

acceptance ratio Investment share buyback Benefit
33% [.] [.] [.]
50% [.] [.] [.]
75% [.] [.] [.]
100% [.] [.] [.]

Root Mobile Financial Reports

₹ in crore
year revenue Expense to Pat
2021 ₹388 ₹348 ₹22.33
2022 ₹374 ₹326 ₹27.76

Root Mobile Buyback 2022 Qualified Shareholders

Investors who are eligible for the buyback scheme having Root Mobile shares in their demat account: [.], Investors can participate in the Route Mobile Buyback 2022 plan by selling their shares as per the initial form. The payment will be made as per the shares accepted by the Company under the Root Mobile Buyback Scheme.

Root Mobile Buyback 2022 Registrar

Keffin Technologies Limited

Selenium Tower B, Plot No. 31-32,

Gachibowli, Financial District,

Nanakranguda, Seri, Hyderabad 500032, Telangana

tel. Number: 040-67161500, 67162222, 33211000

Fax Number: 040-23420814, 23001153

Email: [email protected]


Root Mobile Buyback 2022 Lead Managers

root mobile company address

Root Mobile Limited

Fourth Dimension, Third Floor, Mind Space,

Mumbai 400 064, Maharashtra, India

Telephone: +91 22 40337676

Fax: +91 22 40337650

E-mail: [email protected];


Root Mobile Buyback 2022 FAQ

When is the Root Mobile Buyback 2022 Record Date?

Root mobile buyback is 2022 record date [.],

When is Root Mobile Buyback 2022 Open Date?

Root Mobile Buyback is 2022 Open Date [.],

What is Root Mobile Buyback 2022 Price?

The company has fixed the price [.] per share.

How to apply for Root Mobile Buyback 2022?

You should have Root Mobile Share in your Demat account as on the record date. You can participate in buybacks once you have stock in your account.

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