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A lot of IPOs come up in the market every month; we already shared our view towards the IPO form and similar things; now, it’s time to talk about the upcoming IPO in 2022, as we have seen that a lot of the previous IPOs had performed good and given too much profit, also, if you are getting some IPO’s and don’t get the early profit, then our view is to take and carryforwards till profit, as usually, the share price will surely go into the profit within few months, meanwhile, let’s go with the latest IPO information along with price, size and company details.

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As many websites share upcoming IPO details and prices, we have perfect and accurate information about all the IPOs. We will share the size of the IPO along with the price band and dates for the same to get a complete analysis of the IPO and companies.

Many companies have lined up for their IPOs; once we get the details for the same, we will also add the details of that company here.

List of Upcoming IPO in May 2022 India

Here is the list of New IPOs hitting the market in May 2022. Stay tuned for the latest IPOs and stay invested in the primary market.

Issuer CompanyExchangeOpenCloseLot SizeIssue Price
Issue Size (Rs Cr)
Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) IPOBSE, NSEMay 04, 2022May 09, 202215902 to 949
Rainbow Children’s Medicare Limited IPOBSE, NSEApr 27, 2022Apr 29, 202227516 to 5421580.85
Campus Activewear Limited IPOBSE, NSEApr 26, 2022Apr 28, 202251278 to 292
Venus Pipes & Tubes Limited IPOBSE, NSE
Ethos Limited IPOBSE, NSE
Le Merite Exports Limited IPONSE SMEApr 25, 2022Apr 28, 202216007548.00
Nanavati Ventures Limited IPOBSE SMEApr 25, 2022Apr 27, 20223000502.18
Fone4 Communications (India) Limited IPOBSE SMEApr 25, 2022Apr 27, 202210000106.80
Global Longlife Hospital and Research Limited IPOBSE SMEApr 21, 2022Apr 25, 2022100014049.00
Hexagon Nutrition Limited IPOBSE, NSE
Shashwat Furnishing Solutions Limited IPOBSE SMEApr 20, 2022Apr 25, 20223000452.51
Eighty Jewellers Limited IPOBSE SMEMar 31, 2022Apr 05, 202230004111.07
Jeena Sikho Lifecare Limited IPONSE SMEMar 30, 2022Apr 07, 2022100015055.50
Sunrise Efficient Marketing Limited IPOBSE SMEMar 30, 2022Apr 05, 2022100012116.70
Hariom Pipe Industries Limited IPOBSE, NSEMar 30, 2022Apr 05, 202298153130.05
Dhyaani Tile And Marblez Limited IPOBSE SMEMar 30, 2022Apr 04, 20222000512.45
Veranda Learning Solutions Limited IPOBSE, NSEMar 29, 2022Mar 31, 2022100137200.00
Uma Exports Limited IPOBSE, NSEMar 28, 2022Mar 30, 20222206860.00
Krishna Defence and Allied Industries Limited IPONSE SMEMar 25, 2022Mar 29, 202230003911.89
P. E. Analytics Limited IPONSE SMEMar 22, 2022Mar 25, 2022120011431.60
Empyrean Cashews Limited IPONSE SMEMar 21, 2022Mar 23, 202230003719.41
Achyut Healthcare Limited IPOBSE SMEMar 17, 2022Mar 22, 20226000203.60
Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd FPOBSE, NSEMar 24, 2022Mar 28, 2022216504300.00
Evoq Remedies Limited IPOBSE SMEMar 17, 2022Mar 22, 20224000279.72
Swaraj Suiting Limited IPONSE SMEMar 15, 2022Mar 17, 202220005610.68
KN Agri Resources Limited IPONSE SMEMar 15, 2022Mar 17, 202216007549.38
Bhatia Colour Chem Limited IPOBSE SMEMar 14, 2022Mar 16, 202216008040.00
Cool Caps Industries Limited IPONSE SMEMar 10, 2022Mar 15, 202230003811.63
SP Refractories Limited IPONSE SMEMar 09, 2022Mar 11, 20221600904.92
Shigan Quantum Technologies Limited IPONSE SMEFeb 28, 2022Mar 03, 202230005022.70
Ekennis Software Service Limited IPOBSE SMEFeb 21, 2022Feb 24, 20221600722.88
Vaidya Sane Ayurved Laboratories Limited IPONSE SMEFeb 10, 2022Feb 15, 202216007320.23
Richa Info Systems IPONSE SMEFeb 09, 2022Feb 11, 2022100012510.00
Vedant Fashions Limited IPOBSE, NSEFeb 04, 2022Feb 08, 2022178663149.19
Maruti Interior Products Limited IPOBSE SMEFeb 03, 2022Feb 08, 202220005511.00
Quality RO Industries Limited IPOBSE SMEJan 27, 2022Feb 01, 20222000512.70
Adani Wilmar Limited IPOBSE, NSEJan 27, 2022Jan 31, 2022652303600.00
Safa Systems & Technologies Limited IPOBSE SMEJan 28, 2022Feb 01, 202210000104.00
Precision Metaliks Limited IPONSE SMEJan 19, 2022Jan 24, 202220005121.93
Alkosign Limited IPOBSE SMEJan 18, 2022Jan 21, 202230004512.15
Dj Mediaprint & Logistics Limited FPOBSE SMEJan 18, 2022Jan 20, 2022100012515.00
AGS Transact Technologies Ltd IPOBSE, NSEJan 19, 2022Jan 21, 202285175680.00
ESDS Software Solution Limited IPOBSE, NSE
Skanray Technologies Limited IPOBSE, NSE
One Mobikwik Systems Limited IPOBSE, NSE1900.00
Tracxn Technologies Limited IPOBSE, NSE

What is IPO | Upcoming IPO in India

The IPO stands for initial public offering; the meaning of IPO is straightforward; it is defined as a new company coming up in the market with their shares; the process is based on multiple parameters, as the company needs to communicate with SEBI to go ahead with the listing, ones the SEBI qualify the company will decide the price band and structure of IPO, ones it’s finalizing the company will list in BSE and NSE stock market by offering their shares called IPO.

List of Upcoming IPO in 2022 | Upcoming IPO List

Here is the list of all upcoming ipo in 2021 india along with details, there are the company who just got approval from the SEBI and there will be a few still in progress.

Upcoming IPODatesSizePrice
Ixigo2022₹1600 Cr.
VLCC Health Care2022₹- Cr.
AGS Transact Technologies2022₹- Cr.
CMR Green Technologies2022₹- Cr.
GPT Healthcare2022₹500 Cr.
Delhivery2022₹7460 Cr.
Keventer Agro2022₹- Cr.
Emcure Pharmaceuticals2022₹- Cr.
Global Health2022₹- Cr.
Veeda Clinical Research2022₹- Cr.
Inspira Enterprise2022₹- Cr.
Prudent Corporate2022₹- Cr.
Gemini Edibles2022₹- Cr.
Sterlite Power2022₹- Cr.
Healthium Medtech2022₹- Cr.
Godavari Biorefineries2022₹- Cr.
Sahajanand Medical Tech2022₹- Cr.
Fusion Micro Finance2022₹- Cr.
Popular Vehicles2022₹- Cr.
Paradeep Phosphates2022₹- Cr.
Northern Arc Capital2022₹- Cr.
Chemspec Chemicals2022₹- Cr.
Shri Bajrang Power & Ispat2022₹- Cr.
Penna Cement2022₹1550 Cr.
HDB Financial2022₹- Cr.
Harsha Engineers2022₹370 Cr.
Muthoot Microfin2022₹700 Cr.
Narmada Bio-chem2022₹90 Cr.
Hinduja Leyland Finance2022₹500 Cr.
Srei Equipment Finance2022₹1100 Cr.
Aakash Educations2022
Century Metal Recycling2022
Snapdeal IPO2022

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List of Forthcoming IPOs in India | Upcoming IPO May 2022

AS we know that IPOs are raising funds through the public by listing on NSE and BSE; here is the forthcoming IPO list in India, which will do the same, As the company needs to file an RHP with SEBI for listing their names on NSE, BSE, after finalizations of all the process the company can listing on public and people can buy their IPO follows by shares from their Demat accounts..

Forthcoming IPOsIPO SizeDRHP Dates
Campus Activewear Limited IPO1394 CR
Suraj Estate Developers₹500 Cr.Mar 07, 2022
Bikaji Foods₹1000 Cr.Feb 23, 2022
Fedbank Financial Services₹- Cr.Feb 22, 2022
Archean Chemical Industries₹- Cr.Feb 21, 2022
TVS Supply Chain Solutions₹- Cr.Feb 15, 2022
Macleods Pharmaceuticals₹- Cr.Feb 15, 2022
Life Insurance Corporation IPO₹- Cr.Feb 13, 2022
Kids Clinic India₹- Cr.Feb 11, 2022
Cogent E-Services₹- Cr.Feb 09, 2022
Harsha Engineers International₹- Cr.Feb 09, 2022
Inox Green Energy Services₹- Cr.Feb 08, 2022
Dharmaj Crop Guard₹- Cr.Jan 29, 2022
Imagine Marketing (BoAt)₹2000 Cr.Jan 28, 2022
FabIndia Limited₹4000 Cr.Jan 25, 2022
Dreamfolks Services₹- Cr.Jan 24, 2022
Nandan Terry Limited₹- Cr.Jan 24, 2022
Nandan Terry Limited₹- Cr.Jan 24, 2022
Landmark Cars₹- Cr.Jan 20, 2022
Sanathan Textiles₹- Cr.Jan 10, 2022
Course5 Intelligence₹- Cr.Jan 10, 2022
Aether Industries₹- Cr.Dec 31, 2021
Protean eGov Technologies₹- Cr.Dec 28, 2021
Bharat FIH₹- Cr.Dec 27, 2021
Venus Pipes & Tubes₹- Cr.Dec 27, 2021
TBO TEK₹- Cr.Dec 27, 2021
Capillary Technologies India₹- Cr.Dec 27, 2021
Hexagon Nutrition₹- Cr.Dec 24, 2021
Asianet Satellite Communications₹- Cr.Dec 22, 2021
Snapdeal Limited₹- Cr.Dec 21, 2021
Syrma SGS Technology₹- Cr.Dec 16, 2021
Maini Precision Products₹- Cr.Dec 15, 2021
Nandan Terry₹- Cr.Dec 13, 2021
CMR Green Technologies₹- Cr.Dec 10, 2021
JK Files & Engineering₹- Cr.Dec 09, 2021
Jesons Industries₹- Cr.Nov 26, 2021
Go Airlines (India)₹- Cr.Nov 23, 2021
Adani Wilmar₹- Cr.Nov 22, 2021
Elin Electronics Limited₹- Cr.Nov 22, 2021
Droom Technology₹- Cr.Nov 18, 2021
eMudhra Limited₹- Cr.Nov 15, 2021
Five-Star Business Finance₹- Cr.Nov 12, 2021
Veranda Learning Solutions₹- Cr.Nov 11, 2021
API Holdings₹- Cr.Nov 11, 2021
Delhivery₹- Cr.Nov 03, 2021
Capital Small Finance Bank₹- Cr.Nov 01, 2021
GPT Healthcare Limited₹- Cr.Oct 15, 2021
Radiant Cash Management Services₹- Cr.Oct 13, 2021
Oravel Stays Limited₹- Cr.Oct 01, 2021
BVG India Limited₹- Cr.Oct 01, 2021
Uma Exports Limited₹- Cr.Oct 01, 2021
Wellness Forever Medicare₹- Cr.Oct 01, 2021
PKH Ventures Limited₹- Cr.Oct 01, 2021
Global Health Limited₹- Cr.Sep 30, 2021
Abans Holdings Limited₹- Cr.Sep 30, 2021
Sahajanand Medical Technologies₹- Cr.Sep 29, 2021
Veeda Clinical Research Limited₹- Cr.Sep 29, 2021
Waaree Energies Limited₹- Cr.Sep 29, 2021
Lava International Limited₹- Cr.Sep 29, 2021
CMR Green Technologies Limited₹- Cr.Sep 29, 2021
Godavari Biorefineries Limited₹- Cr.Sep 27, 2021
Electronics Mart India Limited₹- Cr.Sep 22, 2021
Puranik Builders Limited₹- Cr.Sep 21, 2021
Hariom Pipe Industries Limited₹- Cr.Sep 20, 2021
Vedant Fashions Limited₹- Cr.Sep 14, 2021
Healthium Medtech Limited₹- Cr.Sep 07, 2021
India1 Payments Limited₹- Cr.Sep 07, 2021
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited₹- Cr.Sep 07, 2021
Avyukta Dairy Products Limited₹- Cr.Sep 03, 2021
Infinion Biopharma₹- Cr.Sep 01, 2021
Maximus International₹- Cr.Aug 27, 2021
Prudent Corporate Advisory Services₹- Cr.Aug 24, 2021
Prudent Corporate Advisory Services₹- Cr.Aug 20, 2021
Emcure Pharmaceuticals₹- Cr.Aug 20, 2021
Sterlite Power Transmission₹- Cr.Aug 18, 2021
Tracxn Technologies Limited₹- Cr.Aug 17, 2021
VLCC HEALTH CARE₹- Cr.Aug 17, 2021
Paradeep Phosphates Limited₹- Cr.Aug 17, 2021
Le Travenues Technology Limited₹- Cr.Aug 12, 2021
Easing of Operational Procedure₹- Cr.Aug 11, 2021
KEVENTER AGRO₹- Cr.Aug 10, 2021
Fusion Micro Finance₹- Cr.Aug 09, 2021
Gemini Edibles & Fats India₹- Cr.Aug 09, 2021
Popular Vehicles and Services₹- Cr.Aug 05, 2021
Chemspec Chemicals₹-Jul 19, 2021
Northern Arc Capita₹-Jul 16, 2021
Shri Bajrang Power and Ispat Limited₹-Jul 13, 2021
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank₹-Jul 08, 2021
Uma Converter Limited ₹-Jul 07, 2021
Medi Assist Healthcare Services Limited₹-May 12, 2021
Fincare Small Finance Bank Limited₹-May 10, 2021
Jana Small Finance Bank Limited₹-Apr 01, 2021
Maks Energy Solutions India Limited₹-Mar 30, 2021
Montecarlo Limited₹-Mar 08, 2021
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Limited ₹-Mar 05, 2021
Aadhar Housing Finance Limited₹-Feb 23, 2021
Arohan Financial Services Limited₹-Feb 15, 2021
Seven Islands Shipping Limited₹-Feb 15, 2021
Ashapuri Gold Ornament Limited₹-Feb 04, 2021
Aadhar Housing Finance Limited₹-Jan 25, 2021
Jaikumar Constructions Ltd.₹-Jun 02, 2020
NCDEX IPO₹-Feb 12, 2020
RO Jewels Limited₹-Dec 26, 2019
Madhav Copper Limited₹-Dec 13, 2019
Mangalam Global Enterprise Limited₹-Oct 30, 2019
Bonlon Industries Limited₹-Oct 25, 2019
Ramsons Food Products Limited₹-Oct 24, 2019
Nilshikhaa Projects Ltd.₹-Oct 04, 2019
Zircar Refractories Ltd.₹-Oct 04, 2019
Mukesh Trends Life Style Limited₹-Oct 01, 2019
Gensol Engineering Limited₹-Sep 18, 2019
Unidrug Innovative Pharma Technologies Limited₹-Sep 16, 2019
IREDA IPO₹-Jul 31, 2019
Wonder Fibromats Limited₹-Jul 17, 2019
Shyam Steel Industries Limited₹-Jun 04, 2019
SBC Exports Limited₹-May 02, 2019
Bajaj Energy Limited₹-Apr 08, 2019
Flemingo Travel Retail₹2600 Cr.Mar 16, 2018
Renew Power₹2600 Cr.May 10, 2018
Reliance General Insurance₹-Feb 13, 2019
Nihilent Limited₹250 Cr.Aug 13, 2018
Continental Warehousing₹400 Cr.Oct 03, 2017
NSE India IPO₹10000 Cr.Dec 30, 2017
Studds Accessories Limited₹-Aug 29, 2018
PN Gadgil & Sons₹500 Cr.May 08, 2018
PNB Metlife₹2800 Cr.Jul 27, 2018
ASK Investment Managers₹2000 Cr.Aug 09, 2018
Senco Gold₹98 Cr.Aug 24, 2018
Emami Cement₹1000 Cr.Oct 15, 2018
Uniparts India Limited₹-Dec 01, 2018
Welpar Pharmbizz₹-Feb 13, 2019
Annai Infra Developers₹-Apr 02, 2019
KPR Agrochem₹-
Reliance Jio₹-

Upcoming IPO 2022 | Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

Where to check upcoming ipo gmp?

As many websites and platforms are there in the market, you can check the upcoming IPO with GMP details; however, IPOFunda is the best and most updated platform where you can get all the details along with the Gray market premium of upcoming IPOs.

How to check upcoming ipo in zerodha

You need to check the upcoming IPO in Zerodha through their console, and the Zerodha has their console in which you need to log in for the same.

Which was the BEST IPO to buy in 2022?

The IPO depends on the company, and valuations, as we can’t define the good or bad ipo’s.

Is it good to invest in IPO?

Yes, ofcourse, It is good to invest in IPO instead of investing in direct stock market withouot knowledge.

What are the upcoming IPOs 2021 in India?

There were a lot of upcoming ipo’s will be there in market, as everyone are focusing on Life Insuarance IPO, may be it’s not biggest one, but people having faith in it and expecting good Return on investment.

How to know upcoming ipo in india

Just search it, “Upcoming IPO’s by ipofunda” and you will get updated information’s of all upcoming ipo’s.

Which IPO is open today?

Currently, Life Insutance IPO will opening soon and you can check the status in ipofunda about it’s details and more.

How to check Upcoming ipo with grey market premium?

You can check it out with our website, we will mention GMP along with ipo, as an when we get some details for the gray market premium.

Which are the largest / biggest IPOs in India?

HDFC Standard Life Insurance ₹8695 crores (2017), Cairn India ₹8616 crores (2006), Gland Pharma ₹6480 crores (2020), ICICI Pru. Life ₹6057 crores (2016),, The biggest IPOs in India all time are PayTM ₹18300 crores (2021), DLF ₹9187 crores (2007), NHPC ₹6039 crores (2009), IRB InvIT Fund IPO ₹5921 crores (2017), ICICI Lombard General Insurance ₹5700 crores (2017), Embassy Office Parks REIT ₹4750 crores (2020), IRFC ₹4633 crores (2021), Bandhan Bank ₹4473 crores (2018), Hindustan Aeronautics ₹4144 crores (2018), ICICI Securities ₹4017 crores (2018).Coal India ₹15199 crores (2010), Reliance Power ₹11563 crores (2008), General Insurance Corporation ₹11175 crores (2017), SBI Cards ₹10355 crores (2020), The New India Assurance 9600 crores (2017), Zomato ₹9375 crores (2021).

Note for the Investors:

Like the dates and GMP details we get from the various sources, we are not Sebi registered analysts or information’s conveyed; we are just sharing our views and details regarding upcoming IPO’s, Stock market, and their activity are subject to risk, as you need to consult your stock market advisor before investing in such things, we are not liable for your profit or loss.

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